Corial plasma Therm

About Corial plasma Therm

Operating for over 30 years and based in France, CORIAL is a leading equipment company that designs and manufactures plasma etch and deposition systems.

We offer innovative products and processes dedicated to the specialty semiconductor markets.

At CORIAL we have the atmosphere of a small, nimble company. The cornerstone of our philosophy is to listen, to understand your needs, and to meet the requirements of your specific applications. Our flexibility allows us to develop and manufacture equipment and process solutions designed to meet your specifications. We focus on customer support, product innovation, reliable processes, and low cost of ownership.

At CORIAL we are innovators, creators, and designers. We challenge ourselves and each other, and we believe that success is never final. We push the limit because great is not good enough.


Plasma etch

    • RIE
    • ICP-RIE
    • DRIE

Plasma enhanced deposition

    • ICP-CVD
    • PECVD

Atomic layer processing

    • ALE
    • ALD

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