Ferrovac AG was founded in 1996 as Ferrovac GmbH by Urs Maier and Andreas Vaterlaus as a spin-off company of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) in Zurich, Switzerland.

Our main fields of activitiy are the design and production of components for ultra high vacuum technology as well as the development of scientific instruments for surface science and nanotechnology.
Ferrovac experts have profound knowledge of ultra high vacuum technology, experimental physics and scanning probe microscopy. Our systems allow reliable loading, transferring and manipulating samples inside UHV multi chamber systems.


  • Adjustable Energy Resolution High Acceptance Spectrometer
  • Energy Collimator for Linear Accelerators
  • Fast Entry Locks
  • Linear/ Rotary Feedthrough & Accessories
  • Mororization Options
  • Port Aligners
  • Photocathode Load Lock System
  • Sample Handling Solution
  • Sample Heating Stages
  • UHV Chambers/ Systems & Engineering
  • UHV Suitcases & Accessories
  • UHV Soft X-Ray Reflectometer
  • Wobblestick Manipulators & Accessories
  • XYZ Manipulator

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