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About Hanil Scientific

Hanil Scientific Inc. has been developing and producing equipment for sample separation, sample concentration, sample growing and sample storage since 1958.
All major parts including (but not limited to) motor, rotor, and chassis are proudly manufactured or fabricated in-house and go through strict quality assurance tests, giving us the confidence to guarantee each and every product that has our name on it.
Certified manufacturing facility located in Gimpo, South Korea is self equipped with advanced tools and latest multi axis CNC milling machines to achieve the precision required to manufacture products that will be used in the fields such as academic, industrial, and clinical settings which require outermost durability and quality.


    Sample Separation

    • Low Speed Centrifuges
    • Micro Centrifuges
    • Ultra Centrifuge
    • High Speed Centrifuges
    • Multi-purpose Centrifuges
    • Large Capacity Centrifuges
    • Clinical Centrifuges
    • Industrial Centrifuges
    Sample Storage

    • Upright Type Deep Freezers
    Sample Concentrators

    • Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrators
    • Freeze Dryer and Cooling Trap
    • Gas Purging Evaporation Concentrators
    Sample Growing

    • Laboratory Fermentors
    • CO2 Incubator

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