Leybold Vacuum

About Leybold Vacuum

In the last 170 years since its founding in 1850, Leybold has written its chapter in industrial history and, not least through the groundbreaking inventions of Wolfgang Gaede, founded the worldwide vacuum industry. From the first industrial applications in the production of light bulbs 100 years ago until today, the company has reinvented itself again and again to adapt to the requirements of the global market.

Leybold’s pumps and vacuum systems create the necessary production conditions for the industrial manufacturing of semiconductors, data carriers, displays, coated architectural glass and solar cells. Vacuum systems are used among in the refinement of steel and the processing and packaging of food. Vacuum is also indispensable for the operation of mass spectrometers and electron microscopes as well as in almost all areas of modern research. At Leybold, highly trained and experienced employees are the foundation of a comprehensive customer service.


  • Oil Sealed Vacuum Pumps
  • Dry Compressing Vacuum Pumps
  • Roots Vacuum Pumps
  • High Vacuum Pumps/Cryo Technology
  • Vacuum Pump Systems
  • Measuring and analysis instruments
  • Leak Detecting Instruments
  • Flanges and Fittings
  • Feedthroughs
  • Valves
  • Oils / Greases / Lubricants

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