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Asynt – Custom High Pressure Reactors

Custom high pressure reactors from 5 mL to 50 litres plus, tailor-made to your exact requirements.

We can customise these reactors to suit your very precise requirements so whatever you need for the work you wish to carry out will be built in to the design; whether that’s temperature, pressure rating, size, chemical resistance, sampling, charging, heating, cooling… the ways that your reactor can be tailored to your needs is incredibly comprehensive so if it’s something you’re considering, please talk to one of our team today to discover what’s possible.

Materials of construction, always a critical factor in the design equation, include stainless steels – super duplex, 316 and 321 to name but a few for most standard units, and a wide variety of other grades for special duties: Ferralium, Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, Nickel, Nimonic alloys, Titanium, Zirconium and alloy steels.


Choose your ideal build material, capacity, working pressure range, and any other essential criteria along with any accessories and we can design a high (or low) pressure reactor to suit.

Some of the key criteria that are specified for manufacture include:

  • Exotic metals eg. Hastelloy or inconel
  • Pressure to your requirement; 500 bar +
  • Temperature range to your requirement
  • Temperature control via heating or cooling coil
  • Temperature control via dedicated electrical heater; 800 °C+
  • Temperature control via Jacketed reactor system
  • Sampling & charging
  • Overhead stirring
  • Stirring via magnetic flea
  • Liners: PTFE, glass
  • Cooling
  • Hosing for connection to gas lines
  • Overhead stirring
  • Burst disc & associated pipework
  • Pipework to integrate with your existing gas source

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