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Asynt – DrySyn Classic Inserts

The DrySyn Classic system is designed for safe, clean heating of single round bottom flasks.

Whilst available as a complete kit which comprises 1 x 1L base, 1 ea x inserts for 50/100/250/500 mL flasks you can also buy each of these inserts separately to suit your individual requirements, in addition to an insert suitable for 25 mL flasks.


  • Powerful stirring and great visability of reaction
  • Inserts adapt the DrySyn Classic 1L Base for smaller round bottom flasks in sizes 25/50/100/250/500 mL
  • Space to insert probe for temperature control
  • Heat resistant handles on DrySyn Classic Base for easy and safe lifting
  • Safe temperature ramping to 300 oC
  • Safe, clean synthesis without the dangers of oil
  • Fits standard hotplate stirrers including IKA and Heidolph via DrySyn Classic Base

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