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Asynt – DrySyn MULTI-S Starter Kit

With no hazardous and messy oil, the world renowned DrySyn system offers safe, clean synthesis and with heating rates the same as an oil bath, there’s no need to change your chemistry!

Every DrySyn base comes with heat resistant handles for safe lifting, and is suitable to use with the whole MULTI range of inserts to suit vials and round bottom flasks.  The modular system offers great flexibility and is very compact with a small footprint.

DrySyn offers excellent value with reliable high performance levels without the high cost to the environment of using messy oil baths.

The DrySyn MULTI-S Starter Kit suits up to three 500 mL round bottom flasks in parallel, but you can use just one insert in the central position if desired.


  • Setting up 3 reactions is easy with the DrySyn MULTI-S clamp
  • Up to 3 reactions in flasks from 10 mL to 500 mL or up to 27 reactions in tubes or vials
  • Powerful stirring in all configurations
  • Fits standard hotplate stirrers including IKA and Heidolph
  • Temperature probe fits directly in insert for greater accuracy
  • Safe temperature ramping to 300 oC
  • Central position for using one flask at a time
  • The DrySyn MULTI-S Starter Kit comprises: 1 x DrySyn MULTI-S base and one pack of 3 x 500 mL inserts.

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