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Asynt – DrySyn Pear-Shaped Flask System

The DrySyn Pear-Shaped Flask System is designed to allow scientists to perform safe, productive heating and stirring experiments with pear-shaped flasks such as those commonly used with rotary evaporators.

Pear-shaped flasks are typically used for evaporating solutions to dryness post synthesis using a rotary evaporator.  The ’rounded V’ shape of the flasks enables solid materials to be scraped out more efficiently than from a round bottomed flask.

Providing excellent heating and stirring performance but without the inherent potential risks and mess of an oil bath, our DrySyn Pear-Shaped Flask System is a family of heating blocks perfectly designed for pear-shaped flasks from 100 mL to 1000 mL.  This world-renowned system is enabling laboratory scientists to work in a safer, cleaner and more efficient way.  Removing messy and potentially hazardous oil baths from your laboratory setup without the necessity to change your chemistry is beneficial to the environment on a larger scale as well as your direct environment.

You’re very welcome to download our free PDF Best Practice Guide for using laboratory heating blocks via this link: download here.

If your preferred pear-shaped flask size isn’t detailed here then we can offer a bespoke block to suit your individual requirements.  Please contact us to discuss this.


  • Made of chemically resistant, fully traceable anodized aluminium
  • Available in individual blocks for pear-shaped flasks in the following sizes:
    • 100 mL
    • 250 mL
    • 500 mL
    • 1,000 mL
  • All sizes suit individual use directly on your hotplate
  • Excellent heating performance to over 300 ºC
    (up to 300 ºC for the heat resistant handles on the 1,000 mL block)
  • Flasks should be supported with a clamp when using these blocks

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