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Asynt – DrySyn Pressure Reactor Adaptor

The DrySyn Pressure Reactor Adaptor is made to measure for your individual reactor, enabling it to sit securely on a standard hotplate.  Made from anodised aluminium, this is designed to last and provide safe and secure fitment and excellent heat transfer.

Manufactured in the UK by our in-house engineers, each pressure reactor adapter is finished beautifully to suit any benchtop cylindrical high pressure reactor.

Alternatively, for those with a reactor with a diameter of 51 mm, there is an off-the shelf DrySyn Classic adapter insert enabling you to secure your vessel via a DrySyn Classic Base.


  • Custom made reactor adapter to suit any benchtop cylindrical high pressure reactor.
  • Also available, off-the-shelf design to adapt the DrySyn Classic Base to work with commercially available cylindrical high pressure reactors of 51mm

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