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Asynt – DrySyn Reaction Vial Inserts

DrySyn Reaction Vial inserts can be used for up to 27 parallel heated or cooled reaction.  Available in a wide range of sizes from stock, we can also custom make these to suit your specific needs.  All DrySyn is engineered and manufactured in the UK.

The inserts are made with a variety of positions depending on size, and offer great versatility.

With several new additions to the range available as standard including 11.80 mm inserts for  2 mL HPLC sample vials, 27.40 mm inserts which will fit 20 mL Scintillation vials, and tapered 17.40 mm inserts which will fit Biotage tapered 0.5-2 mL microwave vials.  See the “Specification” tab for the full list of stock sizes.


Standard sizes, each 4 position except 11.80mm / 17.40mm Tapered options:

  • 11.80 mm (will fit 2 mL HPLC sample vials) this size is a 9 position
  • 15.00 mm (will fit 1 dram vials)
  • 16.20 mm (will fit CEM microwave tubes)
  • 17.40 mm (will fit Biotage 2-5 mLl microwave tubes and 2 dram vials)
  • Tapered 17.40 mm (will fit Biotage tapered 0.5-2 mL microwave vials)
  • 20.20 mm (will fit robot tubes)
  • 24.40 mm (will fit Radleys tubes)
  • 25.75 mm (will fit Wheaton reactor vials)
  • 27.65 mm (will fit 20 mL Scintillation vials)
  • 28.20 mm (will fit large Biotage tubes)

Supplied in packs of three of your chosen size (not mixed).  Custom made inserts can easily be supplied to suit your chosen vials though.

Use for safe temperature ramping to 300 oC.

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