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Asynt – DrySyn SnowStorm ONE

DrySyn SnowStorm ONE offers controlled cooling for single round bottom flasks without having to resorting to jacketed reaction vessels.

This cost effective solution allows the chemist to use standard round bottom flasks from 50 mL to 1000 mL capacity.

As an integrated concept DrySyn SnowStorm ONE allows active temperature control of your chemistry from 160 oC to -30 oC.

Can be used on top of a hotplate stirrer for magnetic stirring or with an overhead stirrer when more viscous samples are being mixed.

The units require connection to a circulating thermostat, ultimate performance will depend upon the cooling power and temperature range of the chosen device.  Can be used with all popular circulator systems such as Julabo, Huber, Grant and Lauda.

Optional insulation helps to improve performance and keep the apparatus ice free when sub zero.


  • Compatible with any laboratory circulator or chiller system e.g. Julabo/Huber/Lauda
  • Cooling base plate with inserts for standard round bottomed flasks from 50 mL to 1000 mL
  • Base plate can be attached to any standard recirculating chiller unit
  • Exchange of reaction vessels without disrupting the thermal bath fluid
  • Temperature control for prolonged periods of time avoiding ice bath solvent concoction
  • Compatible with any magnetic stirrer
  • Very small footprint
  • Low cost compared to Jacketed Glass Reaction Vessels, especially for multiple sizes
  • Robust, durable aluminium build instead of glass
  • DrySyn SnowStorm is also able to heat reactions up to 150 oC when attached to a circulator

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