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Asynt – fReactor Photo Flow photochemistry reactor for Flow Chemistry

New Photochemistry in Flow tool

The fReactor Photo Flow module was developed by the University of Leads in conjunction with Asynt and gives scientists the potential to develop and expand their Flow Chemistry work quickly and easily to include photochemistry. This new addition to the Asynt fReactor Flow Chemistry platform is manufactured in the UK and currently available in two wavelengths to suit your requirements:

  • 450 nm (Blue) 10w LED COB chips
  • 365 nm (UV) 10w LED COB chips

Available to purchase individually, each fReactor Photo Flow module is positioned over the desired fReactor position in your set-up with easy to use plug-and-glow technology.  With a fully customisable configuration possible, you can choose to use just one of these compact Photo modules on one of the 5 fReactor CSTRs, or add further Photo modules for up to five positions running simultaneously.  You can run all five of these from just one power supply using optional splitter leads.

The fReactor platform was developed by the University of Leeds and Asynt Ltd to offer an affordable entry point into the world of flow chemistry. fReactor provides an expanding platform of intuitive and flexible flow reactors for the development of materials and synthesis routes.  Integrating the efficiency of pipe-flow processing with the advanced mixing of a CSTR, the fReactor delivers a general “plug-and-play” setup which is well-suited to multiphasic reactions; allowing chemists to explore continuous-flow processing, with little expertise required.


  • Choice of two models initially available:
    • 450 nm (Blue) 10w LED COB chips
    • 365 nm (UV) 10w LED COB chips
    • Other wavelengths available on request as custom orders
  • fReactor Photo Flow photochemistry reactors available individually for easy customisation of your reaction setup
  • Suitable for heating up to 55 oC max
  • One power supply is sufficient for up to five modules via connection splitter
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

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