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Asynt – Julabo CORIO CD & CP Series

Refrigerated / Heating Circulators of the new CORIO series distinguish themselves with a great price-to-performance ratio. They are ideal for all standard tasks and routine work in laboratories and industry.

Refrigerated Circulators from the CORIO CP range are suitable for applications with a temperature range up to +200°C. The enhanced pump performance ensures they are suitable for easy temperature control tasks in combination with external applications.


Overview of common features in the CORIO series

  • Bright display with clear illumination (easily read from a long distance)
  • Intelligent operating concept.  Ready for operation quickly and easily
  • Integrated timer function
  • All operating controls and safety functions are accessed from the front
  • The pump is controlled via a lever located directly below the display.  Easily change between internal and external circulation
  • Ergonomic plastic handle protects your fingers from hot surfaces
  • USB connection and/or RS232 interface (depending on model)
  • Thanks to the recessed cooling coil, the internal bath provides more space
  • Space saving design – vents and connections all on front and rear sides to allow the CORIO to be positioned right next to an application, another unit or wall
  • Handles front and rear to allow for easy moving of the unit
  • Over-temperature cut off and low liquid level alarm
  • Absolute temperature calibration
  • PID1 control and ‘Active Cooling Control’
  • Well insulated with integrated ventilation which directs air over the bath lid and minimises condensation
  • Lockable power plug guarantees safe connection for high process safety
  • Easy draining of bath fluids without tools
  • Inclined pump connections (M16x1) facilitate the connection of applications.  Each unit includes 2 barbed fittings of 8/12 mm diameter each

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