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Asynt – Post-pump CondenSyn Adapter Kit

We are pleased to announce a NEW adapter kit that enables the CondenSyn air condenser to be used as an effective exhaust trap for laboratory vacuum pumps.

It is important to us to make your laboratory environment as safe as possible and by using this new Post-Pump CondenSyn Adapter Kit you can reduce the risk of unnecessary solvent vapours escaping into your lab:

Rotary evaporators typically utilise an integral water or dry ice condenser which, when combined with a well-controlled automatic vacuum pump, provides an effective trap for most solvent vapours however some solvent will always escape and make it’s way into the exhaust of your vacuum pump.  This new kit solves the problem without using any cooling water!


Independent testing by Sygnature Discovery (Nottingham, UK) demonstrates that the CondenSyn air condenser and Post-pump CondenSyn Adapter Kit has been proven to trap most vapours escaping from rotary evaporators, ensuring a more environmentally friendly, and user-friendly working environment without using any additional cooling water or dry ice.

Currently available to suit B24 fittings.

Kit comprises:

  • 250 mL round bottom flask and clip
  • T-piece to connect the CondenSyn air condenser to the flask & your pump exhaust
  • Glass elbow fitting for top of CondenSyn air condenser to allow additional connections
  • (other items pictured from PLUS kit)

PLUS Kit available with additional support rod to suit the Vacuubrand MD 1C Vario (pictured) or alternatively with small base and rod to suit alternative pumps.

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