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Asynt – ReactoMate DATUM Dual Support

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the numerous innovative features of the ReactoMate DATUM Dual support make it the ideal addition to your laboratory.  Suitable for vessels from 100 mL to 5,000 mL, this support allows you to replace multiple reactor setups with one versatile and reliable system that allows you to carry out two reactions within a compact footprint.

With the ReactoMate DATUM Dual support you can quickly and easily change either vessel over – it’s as simple as “Clip & Click”:   The novel neck clamp is designed to allow fast changeover between reactor vessel sizes thereby enabling simple synthesis scale up. The ingenious mounting mechanism ensures excellent stability and alignment every time, with independent stirrer mountings for each vessel.

With a wide range of accessories and upgrades available, including quick-release couplings and drain manifolds, the ReactoMate DATUM and DATUM Dual supports offer the flexibility and reliability to take their place as the perfect all-rounder in your laboratory.


  • Stunning, safe and practical system for 2 vessels, ranging in size from 100 mL to 5,000 mL.
  • Constructed from the highest quality stainless steel and anodised aluminium, the dual-rod design provides a sturdy yet compact reaction station.
  • Low-friction polymer bearings line both the overhead stirrer alignment chuck and the neck support to ensure a smooth and easy operation.
  • The DATUM neck clamp makes changing vessels as simple as “Clip & Click” – see our video!
  • Fully compatible with all leading brands of overhead stirrers and circulator heating/cooling systems.
  • Wide range of accessories and upgrades available, including optional automation packages.

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