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Asynt – Uniqsis gas management module

The Gas Addition Module 1 (GAM 1) provides a safe and efficient means of performing gas-liquid reactions under continuous flow-through conditions.

Based on an ingenious ‘tube-in-tube’ design developed by scientists at Cambridge University in the UK1, it promotes rapid diffusion of pressurised gas through gas-permeable tubing to quickly create a gas saturated solvent stream in typically less than 10 seconds.

Liquid (usually in the form of an organic solvent) is passed through a gas-permeable inner tube which is nested inside a closed, thick-walled outer tube filled under pressure with a reactive gas. The gas is able to diffuse across the membrane into the liquid phase, but the liquid cannot move in the opposite direction.

  • Add to an existing FlowSyn or other flow reactor system
  • Rapidly generate a continuous gas-saturated solvent stream
  • Effortlessly perform gas-liquid reactions in flow
  • Optional Portable Gas Reservoir
  • Built-in features for safe gas management


The Gas Addition Module is compatible with a wide range of reactive gases (e.g. CO, CO2, H2, D2, ethene, ethyne, SO2) and organic solvents (e.g. THF, MeCN, MeOH, PrOH) and is designed to be connected in-line with any FlowSyn continuous flow reactor. Its primary purpose is to provide a solvent feed stream pre-saturated with gas, but it can also be used at ambient temperature as a reactor in its own right.

An alternative gas-liquid reactor (GAM II) that is able to supply gas on demand to a flowing reaction is also available.

Specifications Units General Options
Reactor volume mL 0.50‐1.0 (1.0‐2.0m AF2400)
Gas pressures bar 35
Flow rates mL/min 0.1‐10
Dimensions (l, w, h) cm 33 x 19 x 15
Weight kg 2
Seals Swagelok

Outer tube, Stainless Steel can also be FEP Tefzel, PEEK on request
OD mm 3.20
ID mm 1.60
Length cm 100.00 200.00
Gas volume ml 1.20 2.40
Inner tube Teflon AF2400
OD mm 1.00
ID mm 0.80
Length cm 100.00 200.00
Liquid volume ml 0.50 1.00

Note 1. Operating temperature is governed by the configuration of the equipment. The tubing is stable to 150 C

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