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Asynt – Vacuum Jacketed Reaction Vessels

Vacuum jacketed reaction vessels are ideal for low temperature operation.

Asynt offer ReactoMate systems in both pilot and bench-top scales with optional vacuum insulation jacket which allows higher performance at low temperature with the added advantage of the reactor remaining ice free.  This therefore allows clear visibility of the reaction when working below 0oC.

We tested 2 identical 5 litre Asynt ReactoMate vessels: one standard jacketed reactor and one with the optional vacuum jacket.  These were used with the Julabo Presto circulator system.  Read the evaluation report in full on the “download” tab on this page.


Made by our expert scientific glassblowers to your specification. Your vessel is tailored to your individual requirements with options to choose from shape, size, configuration of side arms and drain valves, various methods of agitation including built-in baffles, and so much more.

All fittings supplied are compatible with all of the key chiller manufacturers such as Huber and Julabo.

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