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Bellingham + Stanley – Eclipse 45-80 Brix Nectar Handheld Refractometer

Typically used by entomologists or zoologists, this especially adapted optical handheld refractometer fitted with a 45-80 Brix scale is often taken in to the field to measure nectar in flowers as part of deforestation studies as a sample volume of only 1 micro-litre is required to take a measurement. IP65 rated against moisture ingress.

Product Features

  • Low Volume (Nectar <1-micro-liter)
  • Scale Range: 45-80 Brix
  • Resolution: 0.2
  • Clear “easy-to-read” scales
  • Smooth eyepiece adjustment
  • Calibration adjustment
  • Well balanced in the hand
  • Durable rubber grip
  • Replaceable prism flap
  • IP65 water resistant

The low volume performance of this modified Eclipse refractometer is achieved by using a special prism flap which has a precision machined face enabling extremely close contact with the prism and hence a very thin film of sample.

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