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Ebro – EBI 300 TE USB Data Logger with temperature probe

With external temperature probe

The ebro EBI 300 TE is a Multi-Use USB Data Logger with External Temperature Probe with USB-Connection. This Standard Version data logger is a battery powered temperature measurement and recording instrument for fast, flexible core temperature measurements.

The data logger is very easy to use; just press start, and the EBI 300 TE is ready to monitor the simultaneous measurement of core temperature and ambient temperature.


  • Simultaneous measurement of core temperature and ambient temperature
  • Measuring range -30 °C… 70 °C Probe: -35 °C… 70 °C
  • Accuracy ±0,5 °C (-20 °C… 40 °C) ±0,8 °C for the remaining measuring range
  • Memory 40.000 measured data
  • Sensor NTC
  • Sample Rate 1min….24h
  • Probe ø probe needle: 4 mm, Length of probe needle: 50 mm
  • Cable 1m waterproof, oilproof and food safe
  • IP Rating IP65
  • Battery CR 2450, 3 V
  • Battery lifetime approx. 2 years
  • Certificate Factory calibration certificate

The ebro EBI 300 TE logger has a USB interface for connecting directly to a computer or USB printer. When connecting the logger to a USB port a PDF file with a chart of all recorded measurement values and the alarm status (limit violations) will be automatically generated. The PDF file can be opened, printed, emailed or archived without any other additional software. Custom data views can be created and calibration can be done using ebro’s software Winlog.pro, Winlog.light or Winlog.basic.


  • Food transport and storage monitoring for HACCP compliance
  • Transport of all temperature sensitive substances
  • Monitoring samples and pharmaceuticals
  • And in refrigerators and freezers.

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