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Ebro – EBI 40 TC-01 Multi-Channel Temperature Data Logger

6-Channel Temperature Data Logger

Ebro EBI 40 TC-01 6-channel temperature data logger (without probes) for type K thermocouple sensors.

For monitoring and validation of processes in: Incubators, Refrigerators, Climate cabinets, Storage rooms, Transport studies and Freeze-dryers etc.


  • For type K thermocouple sensors
  • Up to 6 sensors can be connected
  • Measurement range -200 °C … 1,200 °C (-328 °F … 2,192 °F)
  • Current values shown in display
  • USB interface for PC connection
  • Battery life max.100 h
  • Maximal insulation with thermal insulation box
  • Power supply via USB or battery
  • Automatic display deactivation
  • Calculation of temperature profiles
  • Configuration/readout with Software Winlog.pro and light

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