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Ebro – TMX 420 Refrigerator Thermometer

Ebro TMX 420 Refrigerator Thermometer with 2 external probes with 4 x 20 mm metal capsules and minumum & maximum temperature display.

The thermometer simultaneously displays the current measured value and Min / Max temperature. The employee has all the information at a glance and can intervene directly if necessary. If a limit is exceeded, a warning tone sounds in addition to the measured value display, which alerts you to a current problem in maintaining the cold chain. Quick action is now necessary and helps to avoid major damage!


  • 2 external probes with 4 x 20 mm metal capsules
  • Measurement range: Internal sensor -20 °C … 50 °C
  • Measurement range: External probe -50 °C … 70 °C
  • Monitoring of 2 Temperature zones
  • Internal sensor for checking ambient conditions
  • External probe for cooling temperature check

Digital refrigerator thermometer applications include:

  • Laboratory
  • Microbiological research facilities
  • Pharmaceutical and vaccines
  • Chemicals
  • Greenhouses
  • Blood banks
  • Food and Beverage

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