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Lab Companion – Acid / Corrosive Cabinets


Convenient and safe ventilation system.

  • Built-in ventilation hole.
    – Ventilation hole on the top and exhaust holes at the back prevent the accumulation of explosive gas.
  • Exhaust system connection.
    – Cabinet can be connected to an in-house laboratory exhaust system to efficiently exhaust the vapor inside of the cabinet. (except for SC-C0706D1)

Safe storage of corrosive substances.

  • Corrosion-resistant interior material.
    – Phenol resin coated panel is suitable for long-term storage of acid / base substance.
  • Robust metal structure.
    – Sturdy steel frame prevents deformation.
    – Epoxy coated surface provides excellent chemical resistance.
  • Space-efficient interior design.
    – Internal compartment structure is beneficial for practical and safe space use by organizing the inner space efficiently according to the characteristics of the stored samples. (except for SC-C0706D1)

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Sturdy and secure shelf structure.

  • Sturdy shelf structure.
    – Max. 80kg heavy load sustainable shelf.
    – Designed to perfectly fastened to both walls.
  • Safe shelf design.
    – Shelf with the height of 30mm blocks spreading leakage from accidental sample spillage.
  • Optimum shelf selection according to the stored samples.
    – The unit comes together with epoxy powder coated steel shelves and polypropylene spill tray for high chemical resistance.(except for SC-C0706D1)

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(except for SC-C0706D1)

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