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Lab Companion – Heating & Cooling Chamber Tabletop type (TC3-ME)

Optimized Model Configuration

  • 2 series (KE, ME) according to temperature control range.
    TC3-KE ; -35 ~ 150℃
    TC3-ME ; -20 ~ 150℃
  • Standard type Temp. & Humid chamber for selecting the optimized model according to test conditions.
  • Dedicated stand for convenient use and moving.(option)
  • Recorder for maintaining test records. (option)

Structural functional features

  • Proven reproducibility and reliability with structural design optimized for miniaturization.
  • Compact design for excellent space saving.
  • Excellent thermal insulation and sealing to ensure stable temperature and humidity reproducibility even for repeated test use.
  • The door part has a double sealing structure and excellent airtightness.

Use Convenience Features

  • Convenient operation with 5.6 inch color touch display controller.
  • Easy observation of samples with tempered glass door with built in heating wire and LED lamp.
  • By displaying the operation status of the device with LED colors, convenient to identify chambers status from a far.
  • The cable port(ø 50 mm) included as standard make it convenient to connect external equipment.
  • The door structure can be easily opened or closed.
  • Door handle with built-in key lock.
  • Identification of the control and operating conditions at the front of the product.
  • Design by stainless steel internal chamber made of stainless steel provide clean maintenance and excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Easy to clean as it is easy to remove refrigerator condenser grill, making it convenient to maintain efficiency of refrigeration.
  • Equipped with easy-to-move/install caster.

Multifunction Control System

  • Highly-reliable control through calibration.
  • Auto-tuning by subdivided PID zone for more precise control stability.
  • RS-232 port (default) and RS-485 port (option) supported.
  • Control and data v processing by connecting up to 32 devices to PC at same time via RS-485 port.
  • Convenient checking with useful graph display.
Description No.
Pattern 100
Repeat time 999
Part repeat time 255
Max. segments / pattern 100
Available max. segments 2000
Programmable process time / segment 99 hour 59 min.

* It is possible to set 100 segments per pattern, but the maximum number of segments is not 10,000 (100 pattern x 100 segment) but 2,000.

Outstanding Safety

  • Electronic over temperature protection system.(A-OT, advanced over temperature limiter)
    Independent precision temperature sensor and controller for safer and more accurate over temperature shutdown.
  • Conventional over-temperature protection.(B-OT, backup over temperature limiter)
    A backup device for electronic system failure, mechanically preventing over temperature even when it occurs electronic errors.
  • Door open warning and automatic shut off.
  • Over-current and short circuit protection of device.
  • Each heater has fuse for more being safe use.
  • Automatic stop when operating current of refrigerator is overloaded.
  • Automatic stop in case of over temperature of the compressor.
  • Auto shut off in case refrigerant pressure (high/low pressure) is abnormal.

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