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Lab Companion – Open Window Type Cabinets

The fully extendable drawers can be accessed from either left or right side of the cabinets.
Hidden wheels under the lower drawer for DS-SL and DS-S models easily support 60kg.
Connect multiple cabinets side by side to make the cabinets sturdy and balanced.
The air and vapor vented through both sides of the cabinet vent slits.
The removable name plates come included for keeping track of inventory.
Adjustable bracket mounts in the cabinet, designed for placing PP trays at any height.
– 8 different tray dimensions.
– Impact resistant, durable, and excellent chemical resistance rating
– Adjustable trays can be placed at different heights.
– The tray divider keeps stuff tidy and organized.
Four anchors are provided for ensuring the cabinet safely fixed on the floor.

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