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Lab Companion – Pharmaceutical Refrigerator (PSR3-70)

Obtained Medical Device Certificate

  • Certificate of medical device management systems.

Structural functional features

  • Applies patented Dual Management System to keep standby controller operating automatically and maintains stable temperature even if main controller fails.
    (patent reg.10-1550400) (except for PSR3-70 model)
  • Separate temperature sensors connected to the display monitor the internal temperature independently.
  • Verified temperature uniformity with measurements performed at 27 points.
  • Designed based on DIN 58375
    (pharmaceuticals refrigerator conditions and tests)
  • Equipped with easy-to-move/install caster.
  • Clean use with dew-free structure.

Use Convenience Features

  • Monitor via mobile app anytime, anywhere with LC Connected (mobile monitoring system) connection.
    (when purchased LC GreenBox, only PSR3-70)
  • Built-in voice alarm system transmits voice messages to specified users (up to 7 phones) if there is an abnormality in the device.
  • Includes 7-day circular chart temperature recorder. (except for PSR3-70 model)
  • Stable temperature control by dedicated controller.
  • Application of Lab Companion’s specialized defrost control technology.
  • Glass door and LED lighting make it easy to observe inside.

Outstanding Safety

  • Temperature deviation alarm function. (Hi&Low temperature)
  • Malfunction prevented by controller lock function.
  • Door lock with key as standard.
  • Notification function when door is opened for a long time.
  • Back up battery in case of power failure.(option, PSR3)
  • Enhanced security with digital door lock. (only PSR3)

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