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Leybold – CERAVAC CTR 100 N

The CERAVAC transmitters with an advanced all-welded INCONEL® and stainless steel sensor and microprocessor-based electronics offer excellent accuracy and reproducibility. The CTR 100 N and CTR 101 N allow gas type independent pressure measurements and are able to tolerate bursts of pressure without suffering physical damage or calibration shifts. The robust sensor is suited for the most corrosive processes as the sensor is highly resistant to corrosion from common process chemicals.


Advantages to the User

■ Excellent accuracy and long-term stability
■ Very good temperature compensation regardless of ambient conditions
■ Highly resistant against corrosion and aggressive gases
■ Fast and accurate response to pressure changes
■ Improved reliability by high overpressure rating
■ Serial Interface (RS 232 protocol)
■ Zero adjust push button
■ Optional heated (45 °C) version offers 2x better accuracy


Typical Applications

■ General vacuum measurement and control with very low measurement uncertainty
■ Fore and medium vacuum pressure measurement
■ Research & Development
■ System process control
■ Chemical and Semiconductor processes
■ LED and solar cell manufacturing
■ Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)
■ Reference sensor for calibration systems

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