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Leybold – ECODRY 25 Plus

With its compact size the new ECODRY plus is easy to integrate in any process. With a low weight of less than 30 kg and integrated wheels the new ECODRY plus is a flexible and mobile vacuum pump for many working environments. The pumps offer high pump-down speeds from high pressure down to ultimate pressure of 0.01 mbar. The pumps are ideally suited to back turbomolecular pumps in electron microscopy, mass spectrometry, and many other analytical applications.

With the integrated control dashboard intuitive operation is assured. Vacuum gauges and valves can be directly connected to the vacuum pump to allow easy vacuum control based on the measured pressure. With low noise and the clean low-vibration pumping mechanism operating at low electrical power consumption, the ECODRY plus creates a pleasant working environment. Furthermore, the pumps are maintenance-free for five years without any oil or seals to be changed over that time.

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