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Leybold – LEYSPEC Cart 100 S

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Experience unrivalled gas analysis with the Leybold LEYSPEC cart. The combination of a high performance pumping station TURBOLAB with a LEYSPEC residual gas analyzer offers efficient and flexible gas analysis, regardless of your pressure. Moreover it can be connected to any process using a fine-dosing UHV valve. Bakeout is now possible through the all-metal construction which allows a clean operation during residual gas analysis. Thus, you can perform it wherever needed, being fully mobile for many processes and applications.


  • Pumping system with turbo pump TURBOVAC 250 i and dry backing pump SCROLLVAC 7 plus for quick measurement readiness
  • Integrated process control via the TURBOLAB pumping station
  • Very easy and intuitive operation via the LEYSPEC software
  • Mobile residual gas analysis at any point of your process or chamber
  • Bakeable to fully focus on your process gases
  • Pressure independent residual gas analysis – even under atmospheric pressure

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