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Leybold – Pressure Relief Valve

The DN 16 ISO-KF valves are pressure relief valves for use in pumps and small to mid-range vacuum systems. They serve the purpose to prevent the build-up of overpressures >1150 mbar. Technical details on the relevant opening pressures and serial numbers are printed onto the valve.

The valve opens at pressures above 1150 ±40 mbar. If the pressure inside the vacuum system is below 1150 mbar, the valve remains closed.


Technical data
Pressure Relief Valve DN 16 ISO-KF
Connecting flange DN 16 ISO-KF
Installation orientation as needed, any mounting position
Actuation tension spring (closing)
Leak tightness mbar l/s <1 x 10-7
Max. perm. operating pressure mbar <1,500
Max. perm. pressure (absolute) mbar 2,000
Environmental temperature °C 0 … 50
Storing temperature °C -15 … 60
Bakeout temperature °C <80
Weight g 100
Housing stainless steel
Tension spring stainless steel
Retaining ring stainless steel
Seal NBR
Protection cap PE
Packaging cardboard, plastic foil

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