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Leybold – UHV All-Metal Variable Leak Valve

Our UHV all metal  variable leak valves are the reliable solution for all applications in ultra-high vacuum. The innovative design and rotatable CF flanges allow a convenient handling and an easy installation.

The reliability of the valve is achieved by the use of optimal sealing materials. The silver-coated sealing with its very long service life is maintenance-free at more than 20.000 cycles.

Advantages to the User

  • Very reliable sealing
  • Maintenance-free for over 20.000 cycles
  • Coated spindle, no lubrication necessary
  • Very high lifetime due to the coated metal sealing


Technical Data
UHV-All-Metal Variable Leak Valve
Connection flange DN 16 CF-R
Position indication Linear scale – scale ring
Leak rate
to the outside
seat “closed position”
mbar x l/s
mbar x l/s
≤ 1 x 10-10
≤ 1 x 10-10
Molecular conductance l/s 0.05
Adjustable gas flow [air, 1 bar, RT] mbar x l/s 1 x 10-10 – 500
Dead volume
seat port
side port
Pressure range bar (abs.) UHV to 10
Test pressure bar 1
Differential pressure bar ≤ 10
Max. differential pressure at opening bar ≤ 10
Cycles until first service 20.000
Bake-out temperature
≤ 300
≤ 300
≤ 300
Heating and cooling rate °C/h ≤ 60
1.4943, AISI 660 / 1.4404, AISI 316 L
1.4310, AISI 301, gold plated
Mounting position any
Radiation resistance Gy (rad) 108 (1010)
Turns from open to close 22
Weight kg (lbs) 0.94 (2.07)

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