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Mill Rock – MicroFD® R&D and Cycle Development Freeze Dryer

Meet MicroFD®

A Revolution in Lyophilization

The MicroFD from Millrock Technology changes freeze drying research, development, and cycle transfer forever— a small-scale lyophilizer that delivers more with less:

  • Total control over both the freezing and drying phases
  • Real-time data for analysis and optimization
  • Less of your valuable API, time, and costs

Proven to Develop Transferable Protocols
The MicroFD delivers a R&D and Cycle Development freeze dryer that:

  • Takes the guesswork out of protocol development
  • Uses less of your valuable product for R&D
  • Enables analysis and optimization with as few as 7 vials
  • Determines Kv, Sublimation Rate, Rp and other critical process parameters



  • PC/PLC with ethernet and remote Internet connectivity
  • Manual and automatic operating modes
  • Graphic and numeric data collection


  • 6” Diameter Shelf
  • -60 to 60C
  • Fluid filled Stoppering/radiant plate
  • Electric stoppering
  • 316L on all wetted parts


  • External with Isolation valve
  • Exposed coil condenser for maximum efficiency
  • Hot gas defrost
  • 0.5 L total capacity
  • -70C


  • Cascade refrigeration system
  • CFC-Free, non-proprietary refrigerants


  • Pirani and Capacitance Manometer vacuum sensor standard
  • Advanced Proportional Vacuum control standard
  • Gas backfill standard
  • 65 LPM corrosion resistant vacuum pump with easy access


  • Sanitary style fittings on all sensor and vacuum ports

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