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Milwaukee – SE600 Lab Grade Combo pH / EC / TDS Probe

The SE600 probe is designed for use with the Milwaukee MW801 and MW802 PRO 3-in-1 pH, EC, TDS Combo Meters.


The Milwaukee lets you easily and accurately test pH, conductivity and total dissolved solids (TDS) using an integrated probe.

Top features include:


The double junction design reduces risk of clogging.


Using a gel removes the need to maintain the electrolyle levels.


The resin body is highly durable, chemically resistant and protects against accidental damage.


The SE600 Combo electrode includes both a pH and EC electrode. Both need maintenance.

All pH sensors have a limited life and response time gets longer with age. Properly maintaining your PRO pH Tester will give your fast, accurate results for longer.

EC sensors are more robust but can still be affected by residue build up.

Here are our top four tips.

1. Always store with the cap full of buffer or storage solution not water.
2. Clean your Tester regularly by soaking in cleaning solution.
3. Calibrate after cleaning and/or storage before testing to adjust for changes in the pH and EC sensor.
4. Gently stir the PRO Tester in the sample for a faster result.
5. Rinse in water after every test.


Body: Polypropylene
Reference: Single, Ag/AgCl
Junction: Cloth
Electrolyte: Gel
pH Range: 0 – 13 pH
Temp Range: 20 – 40 C (68 – 104 F)
Tip Shape: Spheric
Max. Pressure: 0.1 bar
Length: 3.8 inches
Cable length: 7 pole / 3.3 feet
Connection: DIN

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