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AURIX Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAM) Achieve Superior Film Characteristics

AURIX dry, vapor-phase SAM coatings offer major advantages over traditional wet chemical coatings. In particular, the vacuum deposition environment eliminates issues of moisture variation, crucial in creating repeatable and robust surface coatings. Precision-tuned processes, with patented control, reduce the amounts of chemicals used, offer superior surface properties and improved surface energy control.
With AURIX, SAM coatings can be created immediately following the release etching process. This enables the MEMS structure to be treated without breaking process-vacuum, maximizing yield. Our results have consistently demonstrated superior film characteristics, with durability, coverage and yield, when compared with wet chemical approaches.

Additional AURIX Self-Assembled Monolayer (SAM) Coatings

Our expertise and systems for surface preparation and deposition extends beyond anti-stiction coatings, spanning hydrophobic anti-stiction precursors, anti-wear coatings, such as Al2O3 and TiO, hydrophilic treatments for anti-fouling, microfluidics and bio-inert implantable devices; as well as bio-active coatings. AURIX self-assembled monolayers (SAM) are produced in a two-stage process that combines plasma activation with surface deposition — all precisely controlled and monitored.

Anti-Stiction Precursors:

  • MTOS
  • DDMS
  • FDTS
  • FOTS

Hydrophilic Precursors:

  • mPEG

Bio-Compatible Precursors:

  • PEG
  • PMMA

memsstar AURIX processes are the ideal solution for advanced surface coatings, and deliver reliable, cost-effective processing.

AURIX Surface Preparation and Deposition

Key characteristics:

  • Continuous flow processing
  • Short process times
  • Precise precursor delivery
  • Remote plasma processing
  • Robust and cost effective process
  • Can be integrated with release etch for maximum protection from stiction

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