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Kayen HDRF™ is a unique plasma-based system for photoresist removal and wafer surface treatment. It’s the most efficient and cost-effective system available for microelectronics manufacturing today.

Unlike conventional photoresist strip systems, we utilize High-Density Radical Flux (HDRF) technology which produces high concentrations of reactive radicals, without charged particles or unwanted photons. This chemical (non-physical), non-damaging plasma is ideal for conventional and low-temperature applications.
Kayen HDRF™ is designed for batch processing and is easily reconfigured for single wafers.

Primary applications

  • Low-temperature (50˚C to 150˚C) photoresist removal
  • High-rate (150˚C to 250˚C) photoresist removal
  • Surface organic cleaning
  • Sacrificial polymer release for MEMS devices


  • Non-physical, non-damaging HDRF™ plasma technology capable of low-temperature processing
  • High strip rates with conventional process parameters
  • Single-sided or dual-sided processing
  • Small system footprint
  • Economical

Key features

  • HDRF™ ICP plasma source delivers high-density, damage-free plasma
  • 13.56MHz RF package with automatic impedance-matching network
  • Heated, barrel-style process chamber
  • High-conductance vacuum train with VAT™ throttle valve
  • Up to five gas channels (two included) with digital MFCs
  • Manual loading and easily configurable for single-substrate and multi-substrate processing

Wafer specifications

Wafer Mode HDRF™
Single-Wafer Mode
50mm (2”) to 200mm (8”)
Multi-Wafer Mode
50mm (2”) to 200mm (8”)

Control system

  • Plasma-Therm proprietary Cortex® control system with industrial PC-based architecture
  • Touchscreen-compatible, SEMI-standard (E-95) graphical user interface
  • Comprehensive process parameter charting (real-time and post-processing)
  • Real-time process data display
  • Factory automation (SECS/GEM) host interface (optional)
  • Integrated recipe editor with step and tabular views
  • Per-user access control for menus, screens, commands and recipes
  • Auto logging of alarms, jobs, calibration, and resource usage

Standard options

  • Optical emission spectroscopy (OES) endpoint detection
  • Water vapor delivery system

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