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PLASMA THERM – QuaZar™ Planetary IBE

Plasma-Therm’s QuaZar Planetary IBE incorporate a unique feature of planetary scanning technology – the ability to sweep the wafer in a oscillatory manner across the ion beam.

This unique feature of Planetary wafer scanning technology results in:

  • Extreme uniformity control independent of wafer tilt angle (< 0.6% 3σ, 0° to -80° tilt)
  • Symmetric junctions middle-to-edge
  • Low temperature (<50°C)
  • Remote Plasma – neutral beam
  • Low damage

The QuaZar™ Planetary IBE system can also be configured with one or two process chambers. The second chamber can be added in the field, for increased capacity.

QuaZar Planetary IBE Features

  • Plasma-Therm proprietary IBE source
  • Wafer Rotation, Tilt and Sweep
  • SEMI S2-S8, CE compliant
  • High Speed Motion Control
  • SIMS End Point Detection Option

QuaZar Planetary IBE Benefits

  • High Productivity: Uptime
  • Extreme Uniformity
  • Feature symmetry control
  • Feature Symmetry Center-to-Edge
  • Radial Etch Profiling
    • Flatten non-uniform films
    • Contour films concave, convex or bulls-eye
  • Radial Profile Shaping
  • Surface Smoothing
  • Etch Almost any Material
  • Up to 200mm
  • Low Damage Remote Plasma
  • Flexible tool – 2nd chamber can be added in the field
  • High Throughput (in-chamber Low motion overhead)

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