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The Takachi is a robust ICP technology based on Plasma-Therm’s proven Shuttlelock® platform now available in a much smaller footprint. The reliable hardware, ease of operation, and low cost make the Takachi ideal for a wide range of uniform, high quality ICP etch applications serving R&D, FA, prototyping, pilot line and low volume production. Backed by Plasma-Therm’s VLSIresearch’s award winning service organization, the Takachi ICP will be the most reliable and ‘always available’ tool on the floor.


  • Load lock with easy 4-button control for continuous processing
  • 254mm platen provides adequate load capacity for all applications
  • Temperature control of electrode with liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger
  • 300W, 13.56 MHz electrode (600W optional)
  • 1kW 2MHz inductive ICP source (2kW optional)
  • 4 MFCs standard (20 optional) – Gas box is tool mounted or remote
  • Compact footprint (<1.0 m2)
  • Best-of-breed components for fast availability of parts
  • CE/UL compliant
  • Robust design with high reliability


  • Industrial PC-based, Cortex® control system
  • Endpoint on multi-layer stacks
  • Achieve target etch depths
  • Run-to-run repeatability (< ± 2% variation w/Endpoint)
  • Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES)
  • System-based inputs such as RF match positions, throttle valve position


  • Extensive ICP etching process library with robust starting recipes
  • Multiple film etching film capabilities
    • Dielectrics (SiNx, SiO2, a-Si, SiOxNy, SiC, Ta2O5)
    • Polymers (photoresist, polyimide, BCB)
    • Surface treatment (O2 modification of PSS)
    • Surface texturing of Solid State Lighting and Solar cells
    • Descum

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