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Plasma-Therm’s VERSALINE ICP is the product resulting from decades of technological evolution. Well-known and accepted product lines including the 790, Shuttlelock, and Versalock all played a role in the development of the VERSALINE ICP.


  • Flexible and upgradeable handling
    – LL — single substrate or batch carrier loader
    – CX — cassette-to-cassette loading of wafers or carriers
  • Loading configurations for single and multiple wafers
  • 2 MHz ICP RF for efficient coupling of power to the plasma
  • ICP source with temperature control capable of high power
  • Substrate temperature control via mechanical clamp or ESC
  • Efficient thermal management with monoblock electrode construction and an active backside helium circuit
  • Flexible substrate bias options with 13.56 MHz and 40MHz
  • Improved preventative maintenance cycles with thermally managed chamber liner and pump train
  • Digital MFCs with filtered and bypassed gas lines
  • Available substrate electrode temperature ranges –40ºC to 180ºC
  • Chambers with corrosion-resistant surfaces
  • Mag-Lev turbo pump
  • Bulkhead or ballroom installation

Endpoint options

Integrated multifunctional endpoint capability with EndpointWorks®:

  • Laser interferometry
  • Optical emission spectroscopy (OES)
  • Optical emission interferemetry (OEI)
  • System parameters (throttle valve position, pressure, forward power, etc.)
  • Custom inputs such as RGA and ellipsometer

Control system

Cortex® control system provides a user-friendly control interface designed for efficiency and productivity. Cortex benefits include:

  • Graphical, touchscreen compatible, SEMI-standard (E-95) interface
  • Comprehensive process parameter charting (real-time and post-processing)
  • Automated clean and prep (ACAP) routines with configurable triggers, including RF-on time, job count, and wafer count
  • Real-time process data display
  • Factory automation host interface (with optional SECS/GEM license)
  • Integrated recipe editor with step and tabular views
  • Per-user access control for menus, screens, commands and recipes
  • Auto logging of alarms, jobs, calibration, and resource usage
  • Integrated with GLANCE data logging and visualization tool


  • Optimized etch rates
  • High uniformity
  • Low particulates
  • Tunable selectivity
  • Multilayer etch detection
  • Profile control
  • Large library of processes for electronic, photonic, MEMS, and nanotechnology applications (material specs available upon request)
    • II-VIs and III-Vs: e.g. GaAs, InP, GaN, AlN, CdTe, InSb
    • Silicon based: e.g. Si, Ge, SiGe, poly-Si, SiC, SiO2, SiNx, quartz
    • Polymers: e.g. PR, PI, BCB
    • Metals: e.g. Al, Cr, V, W, Mo, Ti, Ta, Nb, Cu, Au, Pt
    • Metal oxides and nitrides: e.g. TiN, TaN, TiOx, TaOx
    • Piezoelectrics: e.g. LiNbO3, LiTaO3
  • Corrosive chemistry (e.g. HBr, Cl2, BCl3)  supported with “armored” internal component

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