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The Gridless End-Hall Ion Sources have been specially developed to provide a cost effective solution for ion assisted vacuum processes from small to large sized deposition systems. The sources provide an extremely reliable and maintenance-free up to 3kW source for many applications in PVD processes.

The compact design and rugged construction allows easy installation to both new and existing vacuum deposition systems.


  • Ion beam energies up to 300eV
  • Ion beam currents to 15 amps
  • Full-time use of high purity oxygen, argon or nitrogen.
  • Highly efficient design greatly reduces gas load
  • Water-cooled to reduce maintenance and radiation load
  • Extremely low maintenance. The patented design utilizes a specially coated anode, which resists build-up of electrically insulating oxide coatings. No routinely replacement parts.
  • Extremely stable operation in IAD processes
  • Broad – beam divergence for large area coverage with uniform ion flux.
  • Pulse-mode operation for ion-assistance of radiation-sensitive film materials such as many commonly used infrared and UV thin film materials eg MgF2 & LaF2. For further information please refer to separate information sheets.
  • Remote Control and Monitoring – all control through an RS232 interface

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