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Telemark – Rotary Indexers

The Models 396/398/399 electron beam source (e-gun) rotary (turret) indexers provides either manual or PLC selection of up to 30 pockets, and continuous or retrograde (banana pocket) operation with speed control.


● Color LCD touch screen for graphical and numerical display, providing an intuitive and user friendly operator interface
● Material names can be displayed on the screen
● Can index up to 30 pockets
● Automatic recover from pocket jams by reversing and approaching from the opposite direction
● No clutch needed for pocket jams due to automatic motor current sensing
● Includes Rotary, Banana and Continuous modes.
● Automatically rotates the shortest distance to the desired pocket
● Mounts available for 1 inch bolt, 1.25 inch bolt, and 2-3/4” CFF”
● Speed control from 0.25 to 5 rpm
● Remote pocket selected by optically isolated inputs, up to 6 direct and up to 30 binary (software selectable active or passive)
● Relay isolated outputs In position up to 6 pockets directly and up to 30 pockets using binary, Mode signal and General In position signal
● Input can be used to force remote mode

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