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Telemark – Single Pocket UHV Sources

Telemark offers single pocket ebeam sources (e-gun) from 1.5cc to 160cc. Telemark single pocket source offerings include High Vacuum (10-7 torr) and Ultra High Vacuum (10-11 torr) models. UHV source are metal sealed construction and are bakeable to 250⁰C. Installation kits and source shutters can be supplied. Please contact Telemark for your ebeam source requirements for model and configuration assistance.


UHV Model 218

High Performance in a Small Package with Crucible Volumes to 15cc.

  • Rated at 6kW* of power when operated at voltages from -6 to -10kV.
  • Compact design for use in small research and development systems or wherever space is an important consideration.
  • The model 218 UHV uses the same basic components as the standard model 211, with non-interchangeable crucibles and all metal sealing.
  • Coils sealed in stainless steel cans are standard

UHV Model 259

Performance Proven in High-Power Production Applications

  • Available in crucible volumes up to 100cc for long, uninterrupted evaporation.
  • Rated at 14kW* when operated at -10kV.
  • Capable of evaporating high rates of material such as aluminum. This makes the model ideal for processes that require a coating layer of one micron or more.
  • The 259 is also well suited for operation at lower power levels where a large capacity for subliming materials might be required

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