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Telemark – Standard design UHV vacuum chamber

In vacuum environment below 10-9 mBar defined as ultra-high vacuum, CF flange is used in ultra high vacuum (UHV) system environment. Htc vacuum has unique welding technology to degas the surface and measurement in order to achieve ultrahigh vacuum.

Various ultra-high vacuum standard components, vacuum chamber, ultrahigh vacuum gate valve and ultrahigh vacuum valve are available.  Any request of bigger size or special specification, please contact us and provide the drawings, Htc Vacuum will customize the cube accordingly.

CF 6 Way cubes are used in high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum environment. CF flange size are available from CF16 to CF200 and material is stainless steel chamber.  If you need bigger or special specifications of the CF cubes or 6 way UHV chambers, please contact us and provide your your draw drafting, Htc vacuum will customize the 6 Way cube and cube chambers accordingly for ultra-high vacuum coating processes and research and development.

Cubes can be stacked together into various shapes and configurations, with interchangeable plates offering a variety of features for connections vacuum fittings, viewport windows, and vacuum feedthroughs.

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