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Telemark – Tetrode Tube Power Supplies

Telemark tetrode tube electron beam source (ebeam gun) power supplies offer users rugged, time tested technology for powering your electron beam sources. There are specific benefits to tetrode tube technology such as on site serviceability, fast arc-suppression and low ripple. Output up to 20kW is available and multiple source operation (up to 3 sources) makes these power supplies economically attractive. The use of overrated tetrode tubes provides instantaneous arc-down recovery. The air cooled design affords easy installation and the output current regulation is held to 1%. The constant voltage output is user adjustable. When combined with the Telemark Digital Sweep, these ebeam power supplies afford extremely stable beam position and repeatable results. Telemark tetrode tube supplies are rack mountable and free standing (above 6kW) to conserve rack space and support remote placement or the units. The use of separate controllers offers fast support and minimal downtime in the event of failures. Handheld remote control units with voltage and current displays are available.


  • Maximum power 6/10/15/20kW
  • Simultaneous operation of up to 3 e-beam sources
  • Robust overrated tetrode tube for superior instantaneous arc-down recovery
  • Adjustable voltage -4 to -10kV with precise regulation (< /- 0.25%) for stable beam position, very low ripple for minimum beam size
  • Constant emission current regulation < /- 0.5%
  • Full remote operation from PLC or optional Handheld for both High Voltage and Source
  • 19 Inch Controller 1.75″ (1U)
  • Digital Sweep optional 3.50″ (2U)
  • Programmable Sweep optional 3.50″ (2U)
  • Air cooled


6kW 10kW 15kW 20kW
 TT-6  TT-10  TT-15  TT-20
Max Number of Sources 1 3 3 3
Max Power 750mA @ 8.0kV 1.0A @ 10kV 1.5A @ 10kV 1.7A @ 12kV
HV (adjustable) -6 to -8kV -4 to -10kV -4 to -10kV -4 to -12kV
Response time <100 microseconds <100 microseconds <100 microseconds <100 microseconds
Source Filament 40A max@ 8VAC 40A max@ 8VAC 40A max@ 8VAC 40A max@ 8VAC
Process Control Voltage 10VDC 10VDC 10VDC 10VDC
Control 19 inch Rack Mount 19 inch Rack Mount 19 inch Rack Mount 19 inch Rack Mount
Cabinet 19 inch Rack Mount Free Standing Free Standing Free Standing

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