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VTI-Glovebox – Solvent Purification


  • Solvent drying and purification by removing moisture, oxygen, etc
  • Low purity grade industrial solvents can be purified into high purity grade
  • The following solvents can be purified individually or together:
    Hydrocarbon compounds such as: Benzene, Ethane, Chlorine, Ethylene Dichloride; Dipolar, non-protonic solvents such as: Acetonitrile, Dimethyl Amide, Nitro Methane; Alcoholates such as: Methane, Ehtanol, Butanol, Ethers, Esters, Amines, Carbonate and their derivatives

Solvent Purification System

VTI offers the most efficient, safest and easy to operate
solvent purification system for purifying various solvents to ppm level purity.
One SolvPurer unit allows to process up to seven types of solvent simultaneously.
Each type of solvent is processed individually to avoid cross contamination.
Typical solvent that can be purified including:
Acetonitrile, hexane, pentane, benzene, toluene, diethyl ether, THF, dichloromethane,
DMF N, N’, DEF N, N’, chloroform, methanol, ethanol, acetone, pyridine, heavy water, ethyl acetate, chlorobenzene, chloromethane, 1,2-Dichloroethane, N-Methyl pyrrolidone,

Solvent Purification System

o Dimension: 1600mm (length)x 1000mm(width)x 2000mm(height) (depends on the number of columns)
o Model – 3 (SolvPurer A3/G3) – For 3 types of solvent
5 (SolvPurer A5/G5) – For 5 types of solvent
7 (SolvPurer A7/G7) – For 7 types of solvent
o Solvent Flow Rate: Up to 800cc/min
o Vacuum Pump: Oil-free diaphragm pump, 20L/min, ultimate pressure < 2mbar
o System control: Manual (available to be upgraded to PLC)
o Pipeline: 316 Stainless Steel
o Power: 230V/ 50~60 Hz, 10A
115V/ 50~60 Hz, 15A
o Integrated Flammable Storage Cabinet
o Working Gas: N2 or Ar (Purity of 99.99% or higher)
o Solvent Dispensing: Solvent is dispensed directly inside or/and outside of glovebox
o Regulation: Independent regulator for each solvent
o Collection Vessel Connection Joint: Stainless Steel 24/40, 14/20, 29/33
o Available to integrate into glovebox

Purifier Columns

o Column Construction: Dual columns per solvent, 304 Stainless Steel
o Dimension: Diameter ≤ 100mm length ≤ 7000mm
o Dust Filter: 7µm
o Absorbent: Depends on Solvent Type
o Capacity: Up to 800L
o Velocity: Up to 1L/min (maximum dispensing 5L/ day)
o Activation: Columns has been activated before delivery. Columns can be
activated repeatedly

Solvent Reservoirs

o Capacity: 20L with special explosion- proof design
o Stainless Steel
o Quick disconnect for inert gas push
Quick disconnect for solvent out

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