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Wiggens – 5000ml Pressure reactor,JRS-6438-255

NEW Pressure reactors are complete with benchtop stand, overhead stirrer and glassware. Available with the optional manifold connection and heat transfer fluid draining system. The unique design of the Bench top reactors support stand and clamping system allows for quick and easy installation/removal of glassware and fits into most benchtop hoods. System is supplied complete with the components listed below and numbered on the image below. Items in black are supplied with both systems.

No. Order No. Product Description Qty
1 JRS-5846-48 #15 PTFE Plug 3
2 JRS-6024-20 West Condenser w/Ace-Threds 1
3 JRS-6438-29 Flask, 5000mL 1
4 JRS-6448-68 Pressure Reactor Manifold, complete 1
5 JRS-6471-49 Thermowell 1
6 JRS-7299-34 Addition Funnel, 500mL 1
7 JRS-7506-27 #15 PTFE Bushing 2
8 JRS-8044-55 Bearing, complete, w/Ace-Threds 1
9 JRS-8075-14 Stir Shaft, 10mm 1
10 JRS-8081-30 Flexible Shaft, complete, 91.4cm 1
11 JRS-8082-04 Stirrer Blade, PTFE, 19mm 1
12 JRS-8116-10 Krytox® High Vacuum Grease 1
13 JRS-8126-10 Swivel Coupling 1
14 JRS-8648-19 Bushing, PTFE, #15 w/O-ring 1
15 JRS-12681-110 Polypropylene Tubing, 1/4” OD x 0.170” ID 1
16 WB20C Stirrer Motor Controller, Solid State 1
17 JRS-14120-18 PTFE Sealing Tape, 1/2” Width 1
18 CR13220 Spill Containment Tray, PVC, 1
19 JRS-2602-03 Smart Supporting Structure,For 150mm Flange Reactor 1


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