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Wiggens – 600ml Jacketed filter reactor, pressure version,CRS6386-107

NEW Filter reactors are complete with benchtop stand, overhead stirrer and glassware. Heavy wall glass reactor, jacketed version for cooling or heating of reactor. Available with 60mm, 100mm, or 150mm diameter Duran® flange with O-Ring grove at top. Connects to
6433 head with a 6517 quick-release clamp. Reactor bottom has an Ace Thred for installing a 5838-83 (#50) or 5857-86 (#80) adapter with a filter support and bottom drain valve. Jacket inlet/outlet are your choice of 28/15 O-Ring ball joint, or Ace-Thred connections,
sealed tangentially for more efficient circulation. The 60mm reactor head has a #15 Ace Thred center neck, (2) #15 and (1) #7 Ace Thred side necks. The 100mm head has a #15 Ace Thred center neck, (3) #15 and (1) #7 Ace Thred side necks. The 150mm head has a #15 Ace Thred center neck, (4) #15 and (1) #7 Ace Thred side necks. The Ace Threds allow for vacuum or pressure applications, and for draining material out of the reactor. The main bearing, funnel, and condenser are designed to connect to the threads on the head via compression bushing connections. The #7 Ace Thred is used for connecting a 1/4″ O.D. tubing fitting to allow for a direct connection to a pressure source or a 6448 pressure manifold.

Replacement glass fritted discs and supports, see 5848 or 5814. For motor, see 13517, 13565 or 13566; for chucks, see 8124 or 8126. Use 7855-829 CAPFE O-Ring for #50 adapter, 7855-864 for #80 bottom adapter.

Note: Complete item consists of: reactor body with 60mm CAPFE O-Ring, head with Ace Threds, 6517 clamp, PTFE bottom threaded adapter and valve with CAPFE O-Ring, retainer ring, 350 micron polypropylene screen support, 100 micron polyethylene support, 5844 adapter, 8044 bearing, 8075 stir rod, 8089 multi-paddle agitator, 6024 condenser, 7299 addition funnel and #7 Ace Thred bushing. #80 bottom adapter also comes with a perforated glass plate support. Pressure manifold, stand, and clamps are included.

No. Order No. Product Description Qty
1 CR3090.02 OHS.2 Stirrer 1
2 JRS-3006-01 10mm Shaft Coupling 1
3 JRS-8044-24 Bearing, complete, w/Ace-Threds 1
4 JRS-6433-23 Head, 60mm, #15 center neck, three side necks 1
5 JRS-6517-22 Quick-Release Flange Clamp, 60mm 1
6 JRS-7855-878 CAPFE O Ring, 60mm 1
7 JRS-6386-12 600ml Reactor body only, with Duran style flange with O Ring groove at top, and #50 internal

thread at bot tom. Body is jacketed for heating/cooling. Inlet/outlet of jacket are 28/15 O Ring ball

joints, sealed tangentially for more efficient circulation. Pressure rating is 35psig.

8 Screw Propeller, 4-Bladed (PTFE Coated), Shaft Ø10mm, L=550mm, Rotor Ø70mm 1
9 JRS-5838-83 Bottom Adapter, #50–3/8″ FNPT, only 1
10 JRS-5844-120 Adapter, PTFE, 3/8″ MPT–1/4″ FNPT, only 1
11 JRS-5839-42 Bottom Shutoff Valve, 1/4″ MNPT–1/4″ Tube, PTFE 1
12 JRS-7643-108 PTFE Sleeves ,24/40 1
13 JRS-7598-24 Keck Clip, 24/40 1
14 JRS-7299-12 Addition Funnel, 125mL 1
15 JRS-7506-27 #15 PTFE Bushing 2
16 JRS-6024-20 West Condenser w/Ace-Threds 1
17 JRS-5028-27 Temperature Sensor Adapter, O.D.=7mm, 14/20 1
18 8981015 300x6mm, SS/PTFE, 3m cable 1
19 CR13220 Spill Containment Tray, PVC, 1
20 JRS-2602-02 Smart Supporting Structure,For 100mm Flange Reactor 1
21 JRS-6448-54 Pressure Reactor Manifold, complete 1

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