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Wiggens – BR-2000 High Pressure Reactor

This high-pressure reactor is ideally suitable for larger experimental runs. This high-pressure reactor is available in stainless steel 1.4571 (SUS 316LTI), Hastelloy C-22, or with PTFE lining on all sides. The usable volume of the reactor can be varied between 1,000 ml and 2,240 ml using different reactor vessels.
The BR 1000/1500/2000 high-pressure reactor is notable for its ease of handling. The reactor is closed using a manual quick closure that can be attached without the use of tools. The reactor seal is established using a conical flange lock and O-ring seal of PTFE, FKM, or FFKM. The appropriate fitting inserts are available in stainless steel 1.4571 (SUS 316LTI) or Hastelloy C-22. A total of 6 connection options are provided in the lid, which can be selected from the following:
* Immersion tube for temperature probes
* Rupture disc of metal for the safe limitation of maximum pressure
* Pressure display
* Vent valve
* 2 freely selectable fittings, for example for a gas sampling valve or liquid sampling point
Temperature is regulated using a temperature probe which detects the inner temperature of the reactor in an immersion tube. A second temperature probe can optionally be used as an independent overheating safety. Appropriate stand systems are available.

* 1000, 1500, 1700, 2000 or 2300 ml / 200 bar / 300℃ (PTFE-Lined 230° )
* Quick closure chain, to be operated manually without tools
* O-seal ring made of Viton®, PTFE or Kalrez®
* Either with PTFE-insert or completely made of SUS 316LTi or Hastelloy®
* Heating by elctrical or thermostated mantle
* Stiring by magnetic clutch and separate drive
* Optionally internal heating/cooling coil
* Optionally 2’nd thermocouple

Technical Specification

Material SUS316Ti or HC SUS316Ti PTFE
Temperature max. 300℃ 230℃
Pressure max. 200 bar
Reactor Vessel Volume approx. 2,230 ml
Inner Diameter 90 mm
Inner Height 352 mm
Weight approx. 16 kg
TFMTM-PTFE Insert* (integrated) Volume approx. 1,880 ml
Inner Diameter 84 mm
Inner Height 340 mm
Armatures Standard Armatures Rupture Disc, Dip Tube, Valve, Tool
Pressure Measurement analog and/or digital
Ports (total) 6
Ports (free) 2**
Type of connection 8 mm Tube Connection
Heating Systems (optional) Electrical Heating mantle CHM-2000
Julabo thermostat CTM-2000
Heating Coil
Stirring Overhead stirrer with magnetic clutch WB20C and RV 100-SS
Stand Electric lifting stand for BR-2000

* When using PTFE inserts the maximum allowable temperature is 230℃
* The number of free ports can be enlarged by the use of T-connections

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