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Wiggens – CSC System

The inlet of the CSH System is connected to a segregation bottle, whereas the outlet is connected to a condenser, which is used to condensate and recover the solvent. In addition, the system contains a vacuum controller to set, display, and control the vacuum. Fully automated vacuum generation system comprising Chemical resistant diaphragm vacuum pump, base plate, high performance condenser, segregation bettle, Vacuum control device, valves and control unit.

* Sealed system to enable a good distillation environment
* Precise control of the evaporation process
* Compact and environmental friendly design
* Low noise
* Buffer bottle prevents particles from damaging the pump
* Direct electric connection
* Ultimate vacuum range: 2 – 30 mbar
* Flow rate range: 10 – 95 L/min

Model CSC410 CSC510 CSC610
Build in Pump Type C410 C510 C610
Power (W) 95 245 245
Ultimate Vacuum (mbar) 13 8 2
Max. Flow Rate (l/min) 25 34 34
Outlet Size (outer diameter in mm) 10 10 10
Weight (kg) 16 19.3 20.1
Order No. 900522 900523 900524


The system contains
Chemical resistant diaphragm pump, Vacuum controller, Separator, Condenser, Set of tubing,Casing.

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