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Wiggens – Multi-Position Filtration System – BioVac330B

The manifold is made of SS316
All parts of manifold are made of SS316 Which are excellent chemical resistance and can be fast
sterilized by flame and steam.

The patented spin-lock design
The manifold uses a patented spin-lock connection which facilitates fast and stable installation without clamp.

Individual control valve
Each branch permits individual control.

Compatible to different sizes of funnels
manifolds are available to fit 100, 300, 500ml funnel at option.

Light and handy aluminum design
The manifold is made of anodized aluminum which is autoclavable, light and cost-effective.

Magnetic filter holder is included
Magnetic filter holder allows one-handed operation, prevents possible twisting and tearing of the membrane.

Application Areas
*  Biological laboratories
*  Chemical industry
*  Microbiological detection
*  All kinds of liquid filtration

Model BioVac330B
Max. Flow Rate 34 l/min
Ultimate Vacuum(mbar) 150 mbar
Waste Bottle (Capacity in ml/ Material) 3000 ml, PC
Number of Branches 3
Manifold Material Stainless Steel
Filter Diameter(mm) 47 / 50 mm
Filter Cup (Capacity in ml/ Material) 100 ml Stainless Steel
Effective Filtration Area(cm2) 9.6 cm2
Outlet Diameter(mm) 8 mm


Ordering Information

Model BioVac330B
Order No. 167403
Contains Pump V400
Order No. 167400
Manifold BioVac330 3-branch / Stainless steel
Order No. 167103-23
Filter Cups 3 x 100 ml / Stainless steel
Order No. 167103-61
Waste Bottle 3000 ml / PC
Order No. 167200-33
Bunsen Burner Dragon 100
Order No. 177100-00
Filter Membranes Pall GN-6 MCE / 0.45μm, 200 pcs
Order No. 167100-52
Silicon Tube 2 x 1m
Order No.: 168021-01


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