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Wiggens – ReacTROL III Powerful and extensible PLC system

* The system can provide independent Power to all equipment in the system and has security protection function
* Integrated Siemens PLC technology, with high quality, stable and reliable.
* Integrated Auto-Reactor (Industrial) V2.0 software
– Animated and intuitive main interface, easy operation, real-time monitoring
– Curve interface (Real-time curve interface, and history curves can be called from database)
– Programming control interface, save and invoke a set of parameters, Easy to carry out repetitive experiments, parameter optimization experiments and parallel experiments.
– System Parameter Settings Interface, includes Setting and calibration of system and equipment parameters, Data Corresponding Settings
– Data recording and storage, Ability to customize fileDescription and data acquisition frequency(.csv format)

– In compliance with FDA and GMP directives
– Operating manual
– P&ID
– Layout drawing
– ATEX certification
– CE/GMP certification
– CIP certification

Safety features
– Rupture disc
– Relief valve
– Safety valve
– Emergency discharge
– Solvent dilution
– ATEX Version

Mode of communication:
– Ethernet interface
– Modbus
– RS-485
– RS-232
– Analog

Instruments and parameters include:
– Temperature of the TCU
– Temperature of the sample in reactor
– Stirring speed
– Vacuum
– Pressure
– pH / DO
– liquid dosing pump
– loading balance
– Turbidity
– Various electronic valves

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