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Wiggens – Titrator CAT1-1

CAT Automatic Titrator has been designed to simply and precisely perform the widest range of potentiometric titrations. has always been the first choice if you were looking for a very easy-to-use automatic titrator for any application. A special training or a deeper knowledge of automatic titration was not necessary to get precise and quick results. That and much more is exactly what the new generation of CAT stands for.

Main features


Bright display with strong illumination can be viewed easily from a long distance.


Compact instrument and can be both upgraded and configured to satisfy the everchanging laboratory needs.


The wide colour touch screen display contains all the messages and the icons that make CAT extremely easy to use. The titrator guides the user in each programming phase, analysis and data interpretation.

Modular design

Up to 2 burettes and 3 peristaltic pumps, operated together or separately, every stage of titration process can be made truly automatic.

Peripheral modules

Single analysis stand, 16 positions autosampler, 35 positions autosampler, Printer and Software.


Default methods, Method template make to quickly edit and start your experiments.

Auto-level adjuster

Designed to optimize the procedure of samples auto level, in order to speed up the sample preparation.

Auto-degassing system

Nitrogen valve for sample degassing.

Titration curve

During the titration process the graphic trend is displayed in real time, so that the operator is immediately informed about the analysis trend.


pH electrode calibration report, Standard titration report and Sample titration report.


Data management software via external PC

Switch on. And off you go.

Intelligent operating concept. Ready for operation with just a few quick and easy steps.


Display 4.3″ monochromatic LCD touch screen
Burette dispensation accuracy Syringe volume: 10mL (It is possible to install up to 2 burettes)

Burette for titrant dosage resolution at 12,000 steps (means 0.83 μL at any step)

Dispensation accuracy <0.2% (2μL with 10ml syringe)
Dispensation repeatability ± 0.2% (2μL with 10ml syringe)
Peristaltic pump Interchangeable pump head (up 3 per unit), 1ml/sec.
pH Range:0-14pH, Accuracy:±0.02pH, Resolution:±0.01pH
mV Range:±2000mV, Accuracy:±2mV, Resolution:±0.1mV
μA Range:±10μA, Accuracy:±2μA, Resolution:±0.1μA
Temperature Range:0-100℃ , Accuracy:±1℃ , Resolution:±0.1℃
Utility procedures 1.Priming 2.Cleaning 3.Electrode calibration
Method template EP, EQ, free SO2, total SO2 and double SO2
pH calibration Buffer auto-recognize. Refusal defective electrodes. Notice expired calibration (to be set from 0 to 7 days). Temperature compensation with pt100 probe during pH calibration

1. 1buffer calibration (7)

2. 2 buffers calibration (7, 4 or 10)

3. Theorical (Nernst equation)

4. Oenological: 2 buffers calibration (7, 3)

Communication 1. Electrode port (x2)

2. USB A

3. USB B

4. RS232 serial (for external printer)

5. RS232 serial (for sampler)

6. Bluetooth (for external PC

Internal memory Last 50 analyses and last 10 calibrations

Up 30 methods

Data export: (date, hour, operator ID, sample ID, method, result, titrant volume) a) To USB pen drive (file csv) b) To external pc (via dedicated

Accessories 1. Printer

2. Single analyses stand

3. 16 positions sampler

4. 35 positions micro-sampler

5. Auto-level adjuster

6. Automatic degasser

7. Software for data management on external PC

Order Information
CAT1 Automatic titrator with magnetic stirrer

Order No. Model Description
CAT1-1-M1 Basis set Basic unit without electrode, Included CAT1,Magnetic stirrer(1),Stir bar(1),10ml burette(1),titration tube(1),power supply(1),1L glass bottle(1), GL45 and S40 adapter(1),drying tube(1).
CAT1-1-M2 For pH titration CAT1-1-M1 with pH electrode and buffer solution
CAT1-1-M3 For Precipitation titration CAT1-1-M1 with Ag electrode
CAT1-1-M4 For Redox titration CAT1-1-M1 with Pt electrode
CAT1-1-M5 For Dead stop titration CAT1-1-M1 with Double Platinum electrode

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